(Lots 24 through 64)

  1. Use and Structures: No lot shall be used other than for residential purposes, including uses accessory thereto, as permitted by the Zoning Ordinance of Thornbury Township. No building shall hereafter be erected, altered or placed on any lot unless the plans therefor have been approved by the Board of Directors (the Board) of the New Brinton Lake Club (the Corporation). Any owner desiring approval of plans for construction or alteration of a building shall submit building plans and specifications, a plot plan and a proposed grading plan, as well as any additional information requested by the Board. The Board may reject plans, inter alia, on the basis of non-compliance with ordinance requirements, non-compliance with this declaration, and architectural design. No more than one accessory building may be constructed on any lot. Each such accessory building shall be placed to the rear of the dwelling on the respective lot. The Board shall be the sole determiner of whether a building is placed to the rear.

  2. Aerials: No outside TV aerial, electric light overhead wires of any kind shall be erected or maintained upon any lot without the prior written approval of the Board.

  3. Fences and Barriers: No fence or planting or structure which acts as a barrier or screen shall be erected, placed, planted or maintained on any lot without the prior written approval of the Board.

  4. Signs: No advertising signs or notices, except small identifying signs identifying the owner of a lot, shall be erected or displayed on any lot except upon the prior written consent of the Board with the exception of "for Sale" or "Sold" signs.

  5. Temporary Residences, Vehicle Parking: No trailer, basement, tent, out-buildings or structures of a temporary nature shall be used at any time as a residence on any lot. No trailer (whether occupied or not), boat, truck, or commercial vehicle shall be parked on any lot unless adequately screened from sight from neighboring lots.

  6. Animals: No fowl shall be raised or kept and no kennel for the breeding or boarding of dogs shall be erected, maintained or used upon any lot, and, with the exception of lots exceeding two acres and with written permission of the Board, no horses, ponies or livestock shall be housed or maintained. Dogs, cats, or other domesticated household pets may be kept provided (1) that they are not kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purpose, and (2) any outside housing for any such animals or pets must be approved by the Board.

  7. Garbage and Rubbish: Garbage and rubbish shall not be placed or allowed to remain on any lot, except in a closed receptacle. It shall be placed outside the dwelling for collection on the collection date in accordance with the regulations of the collecting agency.

  8. Lawn Mowing: The owner of each lot shall be responsible for the maintenance of grass and weeds thereon and shall, at a minimum, either mow said lot in accordance with the Grass and Weed Control Ordinance of Thornbury Township or mow said lot at least once each month between April 15 and November 15 each year, which is more onerous.

  9. Construction Time: The exterior of any dwelling being constructed on any lot shall be completed within twelve (12) months from the time of the first excavation or grading thereof.

  10. Reserved Easement for the Corporation: The Corporation reserves for itself the full, free liberty and right at all times hereafter to have and use a right-of-way 10 feet wide along the rear and side lines of each lot for public and private utility, water sewer purposes, including the right of installation and maintenance of said facilities.

  11. Grading: Each owner who intends to construct any dwelling or structure on said owner's lot shall prepare a grading plan therefor in conformance with all applicable soil and erosion control laws, ordinances, and standards. Said plan shall be filed with the Board. Owner shall be solely responsible for the implementation of said plan.

  12. Street Dedication: The Corporation reserves for itself the right to dedicate the bed of any roadway or drive abutting a parcel of the Township in which it is situated without the joinder of any owner of such lot
  13. Yards: No statues, sculptures, painted trees, bird baths or replicas of animals or other objects of this nature may be affixed or placed on any lot or building where they would be visible from any street, without prior written approval of the Board.

  14. Approvals by the Corporation: The Corporation may at any time hereafter assign to any person or entity of its choosing, the right and obligation to grant or deny all approvals, or any of the approvals to be given by the Corporation, pursuant to this Declaration of Restrictions. In addition, the Corporation may appoint an agent or agents to perform its approval rights and obligations hereunder. The name of any such assignee or agent, together with a description of the extent of that assignment or agency must be in writing and recorded as an Amendment hereto by the Corporation.

  15. Amendment: This Declaration of Restrictions may be amended or modified at any time or from time to time by the Corporation upon due recording in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, or a document validly executed by the Board setting forth the amendment thereto.